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Untangle Gateway 7.3

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Untangle, distribusi gateway jaringan berbasis Debian dengan modul pluggable untuk aplikasi jaringan telah diupdate ke versi 7.3:

Untangle GatewayWe are pleased to announce general availability of Untangle 7.3. Our latest version has many feature enhancements and fixes. It also includes the capability to completely ‘white-label’ Untangle for OEM purposes. Enhanced download and upgrade UI progress meter – when Untangle applications are downloaded or when future upgrades occur, Untangle server will now display more details about the download / upgrade as it happens. Platform enhancements – our commitment to support different kinds of hardware and network interface cards (NICs) continues unabated, we now have much broader support for practically all Intel NICs and select Broadcomm cards. With this release we have also made performance improvements in Untangle to consume less memory.

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