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Unduh Webconverger 15

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Kai Hendry merilis Webconverger 15, sebuah distribusi berbasis Debian yang dibuat khusus untuk digunakan sebagai web kiosks dengan menampilkan peramban web Firefox terbaru:

WebconvergerWebconverger 15 realises a design goal to seamlessly upgrade. A feature that no other Linux distribution has. Currently upgrades only works on the writable install version, not the live / read-only version that you will try at first. You might be wondering what 486: and 686-pae: mean. You should be safe with the default 686-pae: live kernel choice, though if it doesn’t work on ancient hardware, that is what the 486 kernel is for. In the future we will endeavour to reduce these options and make the kernel choice automatic. What else has changed? Firefox 15.0.1; xinput= touch screen calibration API; log= debug API; restored i486 support for old PC hardware; chrome=debug for browser debugging and testing; fix PDF support which was accidentally broken in 14.1; restore printing support with CUPS.

Untuk informasi lebih detail dapat anda baca di catatan rilis.

Unduh Webconverger 15:

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