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Unduh Pinguy OS 11.10 Beta

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setelah rilis pra alpha dan aplha Pinguy OS 11.10, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu dengan desktop GNOME 3 yang sudan dikustomisasi saat ini memasuki fase testing beta:

Pinguy OSPinguy OS 11.10 beta. Due to a few things I don’t feel comfortable enough releasing this as a final. A few of the used applications are still in the alpha/beta stage and there are a few quirks like the proprietary drivers messing up text and Flash in Shell. Release notes: some changes have been made to the base system to improve speed and power usage; there is better HD video decoding by using libcrystalhd3; all the GNOME packages are running on 3.2.1, like Totem; new GNOME 3 applications GNOME Contacts and GNOME Documents are included; XBMC PVR is installed so you can use your PC as a DVR; Firefox is running the latest version 8 with all the needed plugins for content.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis.


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