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Unduh PC-BSD 9.0-RC2

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Kris Moore mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis kedua PC-BSD 9.0, distribusi berbasis FreeBSD yang ditujukan untuk penggunaan desktop:

PC-BSDThe second release candidate for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available for download. This release includes the latest FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Notable changes in this release: improve username checks in installer to only allow valid characters; add button for xvkbd virtual-keyboard usage during installation, install can now be done entirely via touch-screen; VirtualBox mouse-pointer integration works by default after selecting vboxvideo in display wizard; improve update-manager to not fail on soft errors….

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis.

Unduh image DVD Live dan instalasi:

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