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TinyME 2009 `Acorn` Alpha 3 dirilis

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Build Alpha ketiga TinyMe 2009 ‘Acorn’, distro desktop minimalis yang dikembangkan dari unity linux (fork dari PCLinuxOS) yang membidik pengguna dengan komputer tua dan yang menginginkan lingkungan desktop yang ringan dan cepat.

TinyMe 2009 ‘Acorn’ Alpha 3. TinyMe is a Unity-based distribution targeted at older computers and people who want a very light and fast desktop environment. There are two ISOs being made available. One is compressed with gzip and the other with LZMA. The method of compression is the only difference between the two ISOs. While LZMA has a higher rate of compression, I have been informed it is not as nice on memory usage. I would strongly appreciate it if people would download both ISOs, burn them both, test both on as old a machine as they can.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini.
Unduh: TinyMe-2009-Alpha-3.i586.GZIP.iso (243MB, MD5).

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