Sabayon Linux 5.3 “SpinBase”, “CoreCDX”

Dua edisi khusus Sabayon Linux 5.3 telah diumumkan. “SpinBase” merupakan Sabayon minimalis yang dapat dikembangkan dan di remaster menjadi image CD/DVD terkustomisasi, sementara “CoreCDX” merupakan Sabayon minimalis dengan X.Org dan Fluxbox:

Sabayon LinuxDirectly from our server department, two new Sabayon editions officially thrown to the crowd. They are called SpinBase and CoreCDX, but what are they about? SpinBase was formerly known as CoreCD; the Sabayon team decided to change its name for these reasons: SpinBase can be used as a base to make new Sabayon spins; it contains the new Anaconda text-based installer; it is very lightweight. CoreCDX is built on top of the SpinBase module and features X.Org and Fluxbox, our favourite tiny environment.

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