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Rilis Zorin OS 5 “Business”

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Artyom Zorin mengumumkan rilis Zorin OS 5 edisi “Business”, sebuah distro komersial berbasis Ubuntu yang didesain untuk usaha kecil dan menengah:

Zorin OSThe Zorin OS team is proud to release Zorin OS 5 Business. Zorin OS 5 Business is a desktop operating system which provides all the tools needed to start and maintain a small/medium sized business out of the box. In here you will find a wealth of software, including accounting, bookkeeping, stock analysis, database, retail, word processing, spreadsheet and much more. Zorin OS 5 Business also includes our innovative Zorin Look Changer Premium, Zorin Internet Browser Manager, Zorin Background Plus and other programs from our earlier versions. Zorin OS 5 Business is available for a small donation of €7 for a download and €10 for a DVD.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini. Produk ini tersedia dari halaman premium proyek.

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