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Rilis Zorin OS 3

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Artyom Zorin mengumumkan rilis Zorin OS 3, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang didesain untuk pengguna Linux pemula:

Zorin OSWelcome to Zorin OS 3. The Zorin OS team is very proud to release this software to you. We hope you will enjoy your experience with this new Zorin OS release. We have also provided you with some material about what’s new and different in Zorin OS 3, what you’ll need to watch out for, system requirements and other release information. What’s new? Zorin OS 3 now comes pre-installed with a brand new exclusive program called the Zorin OS Look Changer. This allows you to use your desktop in not only a Windows 7 style, but also Windows XP and GNOME interface. During the installation of Zorin OS 3, you will see a slideshow that shows you around Zorin OS. This slideshow will get you familiar with Zorin OS and its advantages, programs and features.

Anda bisa membaca release notes untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini.


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