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Rilis ZevenOS 3.0

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Leszek Lesner mengumumkan rilis ZevenOS 3.0, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang menampilkan desktop Xfce dengan sentuhan BeOS:

ZevenOSThe ZevenOS team is proud to announce the release of ZevenOS 3.0. This version is based on Ubuntu 10.10 and has a bunch of new features and changes. The base system was updated to Linux kernel 2.6.35 which brings a bunch of new drivers. The biggest change here is the switch from the NVIDIA open-source driver nv to nouveau. Besides that, there are many updated and refreshed wireless drivers on board. Thunar has gained a new context-sensitive entry to convert images. The deskbar was updated to have a freedesktop.org-compliant dynamic menu which is editable with standard tools. Besides that the deskbar gained many contextual menus which allow access to commonly used actions, like change time & date or mute the volume.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut dan video preview rilis ini.


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