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Rilis ZevenOS 1.9.9 “Neptune”

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Leszek Lesner mengumumkan rilis ZevenOS 1.9.9 edisi “Neptune”. Distribusi Linux berbasis Debian yang menyajikan desktop KDE 4.6.2:

ZevenOSThe ZevenOS Neptune team is pleased to announce the release of ZevenOS ‘Neptune’ 1.9.9. This release comes with a couple of changes and new features. We updated the Linux kernel to version which comes with neat little features, like better hardware support for wireless network cards and the famous cgroups patch which brings more speed under heavy load. The underlying Debian ‘Squeeze’ system was upgraded to Debian ‘Testing’ which will provide newer applications through the life cycle of Neptune 1.9.9. KDE SC 4.6.2 makes it début with lots of updates and the typical Neptune look & feel and a new default font, the Ubuntu Font. For the sake of consistency we replaced Synaptic and Software Center with their KDE/Qt-based counterparts – Muon and KPackageKit.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis yang berisi informasi detail dan beberapa tangkapan layar.


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