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Rilis Zenwalk Linux 7.0 Beta 1

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Jean-Philippe Guillemin mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis beta pertama Zenwalk Linux 7.0, distribusi berbasis Slackware dengan desktop Xfce yang telah dikonfigurasi. Versi ini hadir dengan Xfce 4.8.0 yang baru saja dirilis. dari pengumuman rilis:

Zenwalk LinuxZenwalk Linux 7.0 beta is ready for testing. Zenwalk 7.0 will be a milestone in the evolution of the distribution. At user level, the Xfce desktop environment has been updated to the brand new 4.8.0 version, providing many improvements and new features. Coming with a new VFS, Xfce 4.8.0 allows CIFS and SFTP shares browsing through the file manager, making it mostly feature-equivalent to GNOME while still a lot faster. The new panel has good support for transparency, and is packaged with many plugins out of the box. At system level Zenwalk 7.0 beta comes without HAL, which has been completely replaced by udev/GIO.

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