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Rilis Zenwalk Linux 6.4 “Live”

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Zenwalk Linux 6.4 edisi “Live” telah dirilis:

Zenwalk LinuxZenwalk Live 6.4 is ready. I am happy to announce Zenwalk Live 6.4, which will allow more people to discover the speed and simplicity of Zenwalk without having to install it first. It consists of standard Zenwalk ISO packages following the main Zenwalk release, with same set of applications and the latest Xfce desktop. Additional stuff besides the standard package selection include: livekernel with Aufs and Squashfs 3.4 including LZMA compression; scripts and tools that are needed for creating and running the live environment; Ash; a few localizations for Icecat and Icedove; Sazanami fonts and UIM with Anthy as input method to support Japanese language display and input; a unique custom theme for bootsplash and GDM.

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