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Rilis Zenwalk Linux 6.4 “Core”

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Jean-Philippe Guillemin mengumumkan rilis Zenwalk Linux 6.4 “Core”, sistem operasi minimalis tetapi dapat dikembangkan berbasis Slackware:

Zenwalk LinuxZenwalk Core 6.4 is ready. Zenwalk Core is a one-of-a-kind complete 300 MB base Zenwalk system designed to build high-performance and high-security non-GUI Linux servers, or to be used as the base of a custom light-speed desktop system. It can be installed in just 10 minutes using the auto-install setup option on a dedicated disk. Zenwalk Core 6.4 provides the kernel with the new BFS scheduler, designed for the best interactivity on multi-core CPUs while taking the most of lower specification machines. You’ll notice better responsiveness of many applications, better real-time performance (very low latency), and efficiency of ‘niced’ commands.

Anda bisa mendapatkan detail mengenai rilis ini di pengumuman rilis.


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