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Rilis Webconverger 5.8

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Kai Hendry merilis Webconverger 5.8, distro khusus untuk web kiosk ini berbasis debian linux dan hanya memaketkan Firefox sebagai aplikasi desktop.

Apa yang baru di rilis ini?

The big difference with this release is using i686 builds instead of i486. This means that Webconverger will not boot on very old PCs and some cheap CPUs like Geode. If this is problem for you, let me know! For the rest of us with i686-compatible hardware, Webconverger should be a litter faster. In other news, the spelling from the previous release 5.7 with Firefox 3.5 should now be working for you. The CJK support might not quite work on these free images; however, if you purchase Webconverger with Chinese (or Korean or Japanese) support I will ensure all the relevant fonts and input tools are pre-installed.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda bisa membaca catatan rilis. Unduh (MD5) : webc-5.8.iso (227MB), webc-5.8.img (234MB).

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