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Rilis Webconverger 5.7

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Kai Hendry merilis Webconverger 5.7, distribusi berbasis debian untuk web kiosks yang hanya menyertakan Firefox sebagai satu-satunya aplikasi didalamnya :

Webconverger 5.7 features a Debian ‘Lenny’ back-ported Firefox 3.5 build. Overall I would consider this release as experimental. There is a couple of new known bugs introduced with Firefox 3.5, namely you can now non-persistently change configuration settings in the about: URL and browse the local file system – this introduces possibly some security issues. I’ve disabled the Debian installer again, I am finding it far too complex and I am tempted to write my own simpler installer based on dd. I’ve enabled Firefox’s Private Browsing feature by default. Strictly speaking since the ~/.mozilla directory is purged between sessions, this feature is totally unnecessary and probably introduces problems.

Anda bisa membaca informasi lengkap dengan membaca Catatan Rilis. Unduh: webc-5.7.iso (244MB, MD5).

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