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Rilis wattOS R2

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Ronald Ropp mengumumkan rilis wattOS R2, distribusi Linux berbasis Ubuntu dalam bentuk Live CD yang menampilkan desktop LXDE, GNOME Office dan beberapa aplikasi yang dikembangkan dengan mono:

wattOSwattOS R2 is finally done and released. It is based on Ubuntu 10.04. Changed the music player to Rhythmbox from Exaile; added the ‘extras’ package that offers support for MP3 support native as well as DVD playback – it does make the live CD larger, but makes the end user experience easier as the support for Flash, Java, fonts, and the things people like to do; added LXDM to add a lightweight login manager and replace SLIM; updated all packages to latest 10.04 supported versions; removed GIMP and added F-Spot; removed NetworkManager and replaced with wicd; updated Jockey GTK+ so it will be easy for folks to add proprietary drivers….

Untuk informasi lebih detail dan juga changelog anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis .


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