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Rilis VortexBox 1.5

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Andrew Gillis mengumumkan rilis VortexBox 1.5, distribusi Linux berbasis Fedora yang membuat komputer tua menjadi sebuah server musik dan jukebox yang mudah digunakan:

VortexBoxWe are pleased to announce the release of VortexBox 1.5. As always our goal it to make VortexBox work with any media player. The recent release of iTunes 10 does not work with the old VortexBox DAAP server. We took this opportunity to replace the DAAP server in VortexBox with a better one. The new DAAP server not only works with iTuens 10 but it can server FLAC files to iTunes by encoding them as WAV files inline. This reduces the need to keep a mirror of your music files in MP3 format. We also updated the latest Squeezebox server and added a control panel to control the services on VortexBox. Thanks to everybody who helped with features and bug fixes for this release.

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