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Rilis VortexBox 1.2

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Andrew Gillis mengumumkan rilis VortexBox 1.2, distribusi Linux berbasis Fedora yang memiliki visi mengubah komputer jadul menjadi server atau jukebox musik yang mudah digunakan:

VortexBox 1.2 released. The VortexBox community has been working hard on this release. We have added a lot of new features to make VortexBox the best NAS for SqueezeBox. These include adding the new SquuezeBox Server 7.4.2 and fixing some critical bugs in VortexBox Player. VortexBox Player is now the highest resolutions (192/24) player available that is compatible with SqueezeBox Server (SBS). The new package manager allows new software packages to be installed from the GUI. The Sonos web GUI can now be installed from the GUI making VortexBox the best NAS for Sonos players. We have fixed the MP3 encoding with better support for genre and cover art that works well in all applications.

Untuk informasi tambahan, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis. Unduh (MD5): vortexbox-1.2.iso (537MB).

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