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Rilis VortexBox 1.1

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Andrew Gillis mengumumkan rilis VortexBox 1.1, distrbusi berbasis Fedora yang bisa dengan mudah mengubah komputer yang sudah tidak digunakan menjadi server audio atau jukebox:

VortexBoxVortexBox 1.1 released. I am very excited about this release of VortexBox. We are moving from being just a media server to a music player as well. This version of VortexBox includes VortexBox Player. You can use your internal sound card or external USB DAC to play your music. VortexBox Player supports music recorded at up to 24-bit / 192 kHz. This is higher then most players support including the Sonos and SqueezeBox line of hardware players. We have also added a lot of other great features requested by the VortexBox, SqueezeBox, and Sonos communities: VortexBox Player as the default software player; covers are added to all MP3 files for easy use in iTunes and XBMC; option to have MP3 or AAC mirror updated after ripping.

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