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Rilis Vinux 3.0

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Tony Sales mengumumkan rilis Vinux 3.0, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang didesain untuk tuna netra dan pengguna komputer yang bermasalah secara visual:

VinuxOn behalf of the whole Vinux community I am happy to announce the 3rd release of Vinux – Linux for the visually impaired, based on Ubuntu 10.04. This version of Vinux provides three screen-readers, two full-screen magnifiers, dynamic font-size and colour-theme changing as well as support for USB Braille displays. Vinux is now available both as an installable live CD and as a DEB package which will automatically convert an existing Ubuntu installation into an accessible Vinux system. In addition, we now have our own Vinux package repository (from which you can install our customised packages with APT or Synaptic) and a dedicated Vinux IRC channel._

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