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Rilis VectorLinux 7.0 RC3.4

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Robert Lange mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis baru )dan mungkin final) untuk VectorLinux Linux 7.0:

VectorLinuxOne last testing release, mainly because upstream had a lot of updates that I decided to take advantage of so we are not old before we are new. The biggest news is the move to the 3.0.4 kernel which adds new functionality and speed. We updated a lot of firmware so more wireless chipsets are supported. Software updates include Firefox to version 7.0.1, Cairo-Dock to 2.4.0, Mesa to 7.10.2 and updates to all the latest X.Org drivers. Those of you using Intel, NVIDIA or ATI graphics are encouraged to try a few games now with the supplied open-source drivers – you might be pleasantly surprised. We squashed a few bugs from the 2.1 release and are looking forward to a dynamic final release following testing of this last RC.

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