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Rilis VectorLinux 7.0 Alpha 4

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Robert Lange mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis alpha keempat VectorLinux 7.0, distribusi berbasis Slackware untuk desktop:

VectorLinuxVectorLinux Core 7 alpha 4 is up and ready to test. Sorry to do this but I need to try out one more alpha before we start the beta stage. We had multiple problems with the 3.6 release mostly due to an upgrade to the installer’s core system to accommodate the latest kernel releases. Hopefully the install will go without problems this time and I added a few updated packages like XScreenSaver, Grip to rip CDs and DVDs, and a few other core programs. Wicd, the network manager, should work correctly now. I added a few new twists to the overall theme of things, interested to hear any reactions. I know I have thrown a lot of releases at you lately but I would like the final stages to be pretty damn perfect so the betas and release candidates should be quick and painless.

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