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Rilis VectorLinux 7.0 Alpha 1

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Robert Lange mengumumkan rilis alpha pertama VectorLinux 7.0:

VectorLinuxThe development crew is happy to bring you the first core release of VectorLinux 7.0. This is alpha 1 so expect your computer to catch fire and crash and burn… This is all the latest and greatest from Linux from the X.Org server on down. There is nothing fancy here just a console login and doing startx gives you a basic Xfce desktop. There is Firefox, Opera and gFTP to keep you connected and the other basics. There is no gslapt or slapt-get as there is no real repository yet for version 7.0. We would like you brave testers to check for bugs, try building your favorite applications, etc. We have included a new set of plugins to do things like Qt movie trailers, the standard RealPlayer and MS stuff. We want to make sure the core is up to snuff before we spend a lot of time building on top of it.

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