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Rilis VectorLinux 6.0 “SOHO”

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Robert Lange mengumumkan rilis VectorLinux 6.0 edisi “SOHO” untuk usaha rumahan dan usaha skala kecil:

VectorLinuxThe SOHO final release is based on the KDE-4.4.2 plasma desktop with many graphical and system enhancements. We have included all the productivity software one would need like Digikam, the gimp-2.6.10, k3b-2.0, Scribus, OpenOffice and Inkscape to name a few. The kernel is version which adds new wireless network possibilities along with greater speed and stability. The GUI installer first introduced in the VL standard 6.0 release has seen further refinements and is the default installer. Support has been added for a wider range of graphic chipsets and both lilo and grub2 bootloaders are available. Importing user accounts from previous installs is now possible provided a separate home partition is used….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk infomrasi lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.


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