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Rilis Untangle Gateway 9.1

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Dirk Morris mengumumkan rilis Untangle Gateway 9.1, versi update dari proyek distro spesialis berbasis Debian untuk firewall dan gateway:

Untangle GatewayUntangle 9.1. With this release, we have made enhancements and fixes to the platform itself and to a number of applications. Changelog: the application order in the rack has been revised; event logs have been reimplemented, columns have been added, improvement improved, and options added; many usability improvements in the installation and setup wizards; application downloads now show progress correctly; many application settings have been moved from PostgreSQL to files; local directory users are now saved in a file; BerkeleyDB has been removed; DHCP renewing no longer restarts networking (nor disrupt VPN connections); SIP helper is now disabled by default; improve start-up time.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca changelog.

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