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Rilis Unity Linux 2011 Alpha

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Jon Dill mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis alpha pertama Unity Linux 2011, sistem operasi minimalis yang cocok untuk mengembangkan solusi terkustomisasi atau distribusi Linux khusus:

Unity LinuxThe developers at the Unity Linux project are pleased to announce a brand new alpha snapshot of the upcoming 2011 release. The 2011 alpha release provides a few big updates to core packages, but the emphasis on the 2011 release will be the beginning of structural changes to the core. These changes are being done to make creating a distribution based on Unity Linux easier and less complicated. The 2011 alpha brings new changes to Unity Linux basic ISO image: updated Linux kernel and Perl 5.12.2; mklivecd updates. The core structural changes slated for the 2011 release: All dynamic DKMS kernel modules to be converted to static kernel packages….

Untuk Informasi detail dapat anda baca di pengumuman rilis.


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