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Rilis Unity Linux 2010 RC1

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Matthew Dawkins mengumumkan ketersediaan release candidate pertama Unity Linux 2010, distribusi Linux LiveCD minimalis berbasis Mandriva Linux:

The Unity Linux project is pleased to announce its first candidate for release, 2010 RC1. We have taken the last nine weeks to provide many needed fixes and continual updates to the core offering of our software. Changelog: updated X.Org to 1.7.5; new kernel version; filetriggers and other minor bugs were fixed for rpm5; Smart 1.3 and the addition of smart-utils for mirror automation. The repositories now contain many up-to-date desktop environments which can be installed with the use of the ‘task’ meta-packages. Recent additions include KDE 4.4.1, GNOME 2.28.1, Openbox 3.4.11, Xfce 4.6.1, Enlightenment 0.16.999.063.

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