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Rilis Ultimate Edition 2.8 “Gamers”

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Glenn Cady mengumumkan rilis Ultimate Edition 2.8 “Gamers”, distribusi Live DVD berbasis Ubuntu yang menampilkan lebih dari 48 games:

Ultimate EditionUltimate Edition 2.8 Gamers is unlike any other gamer’s edition built in the past. Besides the updates, many tools have been ripped out of Ultimate Edition 2.8, prior to the build to maximize room for additional games. In Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers you will not find OpenOffice.org, we are here to play games right? This does not mean you will not have a media player, just the very basics and a vast quantity of high-quality games. The newest PlayOnLinux is also included to allow installation of Windows games. What games have been pre-installed? Urban Terror, Armagetron Advanced, Gunroar, Hedgewars, Kobo Deluxe, Pingus, BZFlag, Chromium B.S.U., Grid Wars 2… A new repository filled to the hilt with games has also been pre-added to allow the end user to install additional games.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda bisa membacapengumuman rilis.

Unduh (MD5):

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