Rilis Ubuntu Rescue Remix 10.04

Andrew Zajac mengumumkan rilis Ubuntu Rescue Remix 10.04, distribusi Linux Live CD/Live USB yang memberikan antarmuka command-line dan memasukkan beberapa aplikasi bebas terbuka untuk recovery data dan forensik :

Version 10.04 ‘Lucid Lynx’ of the very best free/libre open-source data recovery software toolkit based on Ubuntu is out. This release of Ubuntu Rescue Remix features a full command-line environment with up-to-date versions of the most powerful free/libre open-source data recovery software including GNU ddrescue, PhotoRec, the Sleuth Kit and GNU fdisk. Packages new to the Rescue Remix include aoetools, array-info, ext3-grep, gptsync, kpartx, and Scrounge NTFS. This ISO image is compatible with the excellent USB Startup Disk Creator that is included with Ubuntu since 9.04.

Unutuk informasi lebih detail anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis.

Unduh (MD5) Image CD/USB dari : ubuntu-rescue-remix-10-04.iso (178MB).