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Rilis Ubuntu Privacy Remix 10.04r2

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Andreas Heinlein mengumumkan rilis UPR (Ubuntu Privacy Remix) 10.04r2, versi terbaru dari live CD yang ditujukan untuk memberikan proteksi privasi pengguna dan menghindari pencurian data

Ubuntu Privacy RemixThe UPR team has published the second stable release of Ubuntu Privacy Remix 10.04r2. UPR is a live system to protect from spying and data theft. Apart from the changes with UPR itself, we now offer a dual-boot ISO image for DVD or USB drive which includes the current version 0.9 of the TAILS live system, a live system focused on anonymous internet usage over the Tor network. This way, the user can choose to either work in an isolated, secure environment with UPR or use the Internet anonymously with TAILS, using the same media. Changes in UPR 10.04r2: based on Ubuntu 10.04.3; new program ‘tellico’, a small database; new program ‘Grsync’ for making backups; new program ‘X-Tile’ to arrange windows….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.


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