Rilis UberStudent 1.0 “LXDE”

Stephen Ewen mengumumkan edisi ringan UberStudent, distribusi Linux berbasis Ubuntu yang didesain untuk pembelajaran dan pengajaran komputasi akademik pada pendidikan tinggi dan pendidikan menengah atas:

UberStudentLike the full edition of UberStudent, the lightweight edition is designed around a ‘core skills’ approach, which centers on research and writing, study, and self-management skills, essentials required of all successful college students regardless of their major. It does this by providing some of the best cloud computing applications available across each application category. Despite the very useful nature of the lightweight edition, we definitely recommend the full version if you have a modern PC and serious academic work to do. By its very nature and design, the lightweight version does not match the full version’s power, elegance, ease-of-use, and expandability.

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