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Rilis Toorox 05.2010

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Joern Lindau mengumumkan rilis Toorox 05.2010, distribusi Live DVD berbasis Gentoo yang menampilkan desktop KDE 4 dan installer sistem grafis:

TooroxToorox 05.2010. A new version has been finished; it contains the Linux kernel 2.6.33. The KDE desktop environment has been updated to the recent version 4.4.3. All KDE 3 applications and dependencies have been removed. KlamAV has been replaced by ClamTk and K3b has been updated to the latest Qt 4 RC version. Guarddog and kdetv have been removed. Also umtsmon has been removed, but now the complete network configuration and Internet connection is handled by NetworkManager and you can establish a mobile connection via nm-applet. Nearly all packages have been updated to the latest version. The binary ATI driver (fglrx) still doesn’t support the latest X.Org Server 1.8 so this release contains version 1.7.6.

Untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis.


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