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Rilis TinyMe 2010 RC1

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Rilis Kandidat pertama TinyMe 2010, distribusi Linux berbasis Unity yang didesain untuk digunakan di komputer tua, siap untuk dicoba:

TinyMe 2010 ‘Acorn’ i586 Release Candidate 1 has shipped. This release largely consists of bug fixes and package upgrades. TinyCC, the desktop configuration tool from TinyMe 2008, has made a reappearance. Every issue on the issue tracker, except one very minor issue, has been cleared for this release. TinyMe features: Linux kernel; SLiM logs you in; Pragha – an audio player; AbiWord – a light and fast yet powerful word processor; Midori – a web browser; Ayttm, an instant chat client, handles IRC, AIM-ICQ, Jabber, LiveJournal, MSN, Yahoo, and even can send emails via SMTP; Osmo -a personal information manager; Sylpheed – an email client; Viewnior – an image viewer; Recorder – a disk burner; Asunder – a CD ripper; MtPaint – a basic image editor (also takes screenshots)….

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detail.

Unduh: TinyMe-2010-Acorn-RC-1b.i586.iso (199MB, MD5).

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