Rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.6

Robert Shingledecker mengumumkan rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.6, versi terbaru distribusi Linux Dekstop dengan ukuran terkecil:

Tiny Core LinuxTeam Tiny Core is pleased to announce the release of Tiny Core Linux 3.6. Change log: new replaces usbinstall – added frugal install to partition with formatting options; New tc-install FLTK GUI front end to callable from cpanel; new to present select list of both local and remote mirrors; new mydata= boot code to support alternate name for backup; updated squashfs modules with latest patches; updated fluff to 0.95, fixes reported segmentation faults and better handling of large files; updated mousetool to support left-handed 2-button serial mouse; updated flrun – added input search capability; updated cpanel change to tc-install for HD/USB Install

Anda dapat membaca changelog untuk mempelajari detail perubahan pada versi ini.