Rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.3

Robert Shingledecker mengumumkan rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.3, distribusi desktop minimalis berukuran 10 MB:

Tiny Core LinuxTeam Tiny Core is pleased to announce that Tiny Core 3.3 is now available. Change log: new FLTK integrated file manager, fluff, file associations; new FLTK minimal editor, on System Tools menu, and called via File Manager, configurable file associations; updated AppBrowser – integrated setdrive; new wbarconf replaces wbar_exclude – manage all icons (system and ondemand), as well as bar placement; new wbar_mv_icon for support of wbarconf; updated ondemand, appsaudit, and wbar_setup for single ondemand dir; updated flwm_initmenu – to support combined single ondemand directory; updated cpanel WbarConf replaces TCE Update; updated and reorganized boot help screens; updated Control Panel reorganization, moved more frequently used items to the System Tools menu….

Anda dapat membaca informasi lebih detail mengenai update pada rilis ini di changelog.