Rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.1

Robert Shingledecker mengumumkan rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.1, distribusi desktop dengan ukuran terkecil, live CD berukuran 11 MB:

Tiny Core LinuxTeam Tiny Core is pleased to announce that Tiny Core Linux 3.1 is now available. Changes: updated BusyBox to 1.17.1; updated Appsaudit for ondemand icons and ondemand moved to tce directory; updated ondemand script for ondemand icons and move of ondemand directory; updated wbar_setup to support ondemand icons; updated wbar_update to support ondemand icons; new wbar_rm_icon to support ondemand icons; updated Appsaudit to eliminate duplicates in onboot and ondemand lists; updated Appbrowser; updated filetool GUI, tc-restore, and exittc to support new and safebackup options; updated exittc GUI; added Appsaudit to system menu, appears in all supported window managers; updated Fluxbox, IceWM, JWM and Openbox….

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