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Rilis Tiny Core Linux 2.9

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Robert Shingledecker telah merilis Tiny Core Linux 2.9, distro Linux minmalis yang hanya berukuram 10 MB :

Tiny Core Linux 2.9 is now posted. Change log: upgraded udev to 151 with several rule adjustments and new rules added; updated libstdc++ 6.0.9 to support exceptions; updated glibc 2.9 to support i486; updated wbar – eliminated background relics; updated appbrowser – added ‘Provides’ to search for ‘What provides’, also error handling and speed improvements; updated appsaudit – added ‘Display All Not Depends On’; updated tc-config – persistent home and/or opt; improved language support by auto-loading locale support extension(s); added functions checkroot and checknotroot for improved user handling; new ‘Set TCE Drive’ in control panel to setup TCE directory, optional and mydata.tgz from cloud mode….

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tinycore_2.9.iso (10.1MB, MD5).

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