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Rilis Tiny Core Linux 2.10

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Robert Shingledecker mengumumkan rilis Tiny Core Linux 2.10, distro grafikal minimalis yang berukuran hanya 10MB:

Tiny Core v2.10 is now posted. Changelog: updated Appbrowser / tce-load – recursion now fully supported; updated Appbrowser, no pop-ups, GUI redesign, dropped menu for buttons, added status area; updated flwm_topside moved location and look of iconize button; updated appsaudit, added wait cursor during selective updates; updated cpanel cursor support and removed full paths; updated flwm ondemand, now fully automatic; updated tc-functions for additive home setup support; new hsetroot replaces Esetroot for logo PNG support; updated Backgrounds / wallpaper for hsetroot support; updated exittc to not call exitcheck, backup occurs within exittc; added missing rule for mmc support; added directory indicator for improved appsaudit ‘On Boot’ selection….

Unutuk informasi lebih detail, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis.

Unduh (MD5): tinycore_2.10.iso (10.1MB, MD5).

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