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Rilis SystemRescueCd 1.5.6

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Rilis terbaru SystemRescueCd, distribusi live CD berbasis Gentoo yang didesain untuk penyelamatan data dan pekerjaan manajemen disk, hadir dengan versi terbaru GParted (0.6.0) dan driver kartu jaringan yang diperbaharui. Kutipan dari Changelog:

SystemRescueCdUpdated standard kernels to (rescuecd + rescue64) and alternative kernels to 2.6.34 (altker32 + altker64); updated GParted to 0.6.0 (support for devices with sectors greater than 512 bytes); updated xfsprogs to 3.1.2 (XFS file system userspace utilities); updated Ethernet network drivers in the standard kernels (tg3, bnx2x, e1000e); fixed problems with the tg3 Ethernet driver (mostly used by Broadcom cards); recompiled Parted so that it works on system with glibc before 2.11; improved usb_inst.sh (sysresccd USB installer script for Linux); added customization options to the sysresccd USB installer for windows; disabled isohybrid which breaks isoloop and which is not really necessary….

Info lebih detail bisa anda baca di changelog.


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