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Rilis SystemRescueCD 1.4.0

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François Dupoux mengumumkan rilis SystemRescueCd 1.4.0, Update baru distro Live CD berbasis Gentoo yang didesain untuk kondisi darurat dan manajemen disk :

SystemRescueCd 1.4.0 introduces two new options that allow you to boot from NFS v3 or NBD. Basically, if the computer on which you work had no CD-ROM drive, or if you just want to boot SystemRescueCd from the network for any other reason, you can install network services somewhere else on your network (DHCP server, TFTP server, HTTP/NFS/NDB server) and you will be able to boot SystemRescueCd from the network.” Other updates include: “Updated the standard kernels to version, the alternative kernels to version, updated Mozilla Firefox to version 3.6, added zfs-fuse 0.6.0 file system, updated FSArchiver to 0.6.8….

Silahkan baca pengumuman rilis dan changelog untuk informasi lebih detail.

Unduh(MD5): systemrescuecd-x86-1.4.0.iso (245MB).

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