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Rilis SuperGamer Supreme 2.5

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Darin VanCoevering mengumumkan rilis SuperGamer Supreme 2.5, Linux Live DVD dual-layer pertama did unia yang menyajikan berbagai macam games:

SuperGamerThe Supreme SuperGamer 2.5 is a update to the Supreme SuperGamer 2. This release is a 7.9 GB live DVD and can only run on dual-layer DVD drives or 16 GB Flash drives so please be sure you have a compatible drive. It includes: Firefox 4 beta; Flash 10.2; VLC and all of the additional updated packages; Linux kernel with wireless support; NDISwrapper updated and additional Intel wireless modules; wicked updated; LimeWire removed and FrostWire put in its place, Soldier of Fortune was taken off as it didn’t work with the new NVIDIA driver; IconquerU game added along with the updated NVIDIA and ATI drivers, FUSE and NTFS-3G updated; addition of Gogo encoder which is faster than LAME; Java updated to 6u23.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini.

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