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Rilis Superb Mini Server 1.6.2

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Superb Mini Server (SMS), Superb Mini Server 1.6.2, distro berbasis Slackware untuk server telah diilis:

Superb Mini ServerSuperb Mini Server version 1.6.2 released (Linux kernel SMS 1.6.2 brings updates, security patches and the latest stable packages, such as httpd 2.2.21, PHP 5.3.8, Perl 5.14.2, BIND 9.8.1, Postfix 2.8.5, ClamAV 0.97.2, Dovecot 2.0.15, MailScanner 4.84.3 and, last but not least, Samba 3.6.0 with SMB2 support. Samba’s ‘Security = share’ is deprecated and will not work with SMB2, although it is set in smb.conf, but it’s enough to get you started – look at SMS wiki on how to switch to ‘Security = User’. Also ‘client ntlmv2 auth yes’ is set by default. Dovecot needs your attention, since many deprecated options have been removed. SMS 1.6.2 features smbldap-tools, a set of Perl scripts designed to manage user and group accounts stored in an LDAP directory, making Samba and OpenLDAP configuration easier.

Untuk informasi lebih detil anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis catatan tambahan dan changelog singkat.


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