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Rilis Superb Mini Server 1.6.1

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Update minor Superb Mini Server (SMS), distribusi Linux berbasis Slackware untuk server:

Superb Mini ServerSuperb Mini Server version 1.6.1 released (Linux kernel This minor release upgrade brings the latest stable Linux kernel version SMS 1.6.1 features the latest stable releases of various packages, such as Perl 5.14.1, MySQL 5.1.58, Postfix 2.8.4, CUPS 1.4.7, httpd 2.2.19, Samba 3.5.9 and GCC 4.5.3. In SMS.Native.CD-Extra.iso added trunk version of iscsitarget package, an open source iSCSI target, built for stock SMP kernel (, and latest sources of OpenbravoERP MP0.1. SMS now has officially a wiki page with video tutorials and basic tasks for configuring SMS in various situations. There is also an smsdoc.pdf book in PDF format, which will be updated frequently.

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