Rilis Superb Mini Server 1.6.0

Versi terbaru Superb Mini Server (SMS), distribusi berbasis Slackware untuk server telah dirilis :

Superb Mini ServerSuperb Mini Server version 1.6.0 released. SMS 1.6.0 is based on Slackware Linux 13.37 and ships with Linux kernel to honor our compatibility with the new Slackware release; the kernels are available for anyone wishing to run a newer kernel. SMS 1.6.0 brings new optional features in the extra CD, such as DLNA support either with fuppes or mediatomb and computational clustering. SMS installer now offers Btrfs support and GPT partitioning, and also a PXE server for network installations right off the install CD, but don’t activate the PXE Boot Server if you are not going to use it. New packages in this release are btrfs-progs, lrzip, gDisk for GPT partitions scheme

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