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Rilis Superb Mini Server 1.5.5

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Versi bary Superb Mini Server (SMS), distribusi berbasis Slackware untuk server telah diRilis:

Superb Mini ServerSuperb Mini Server version 1.5.5 released (Linux kernel This release upgrades packages to Slackware ‘Current’ and brings the latest stable versions of several packages including PHP 5.3.5 and CUPS 1.4.6. New packages in SMS 1.5.5 are Terminator (a tool for arranging terminals which can also broadcast the same output to several terminals), lsscsi (listing SCSI devices utility) and perl-modules which split from Perl package. If you are upgrading don’t forget to install new packages and especially the perl-modules package as otherwise you will have problems with Perl modules and SpamAssassin. SMS live CD now has RAID support, which means that it will automatically find, assemble and mount existing RAID arrays while booting.

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