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Rilis Superb Mini Server 1.5.3

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Superb Mini Server, distribusi server berbasis Slackware, telah diupdate ke versi 1.5.3:

Superb Mini ServerSuperb Mini Server (SMS) version 1.5.3 released (Linux kernel This minor release upgrades packages to Slackware ‘Current’ and brings the latest stable versions of several server packages such as Apache, PHP, Dovecot, MailScanner and Squid. There is also Dovecot 2.0.2 version available in testing. SMS 1.5.3 brings LTPS 4.2 as easy as installing the package, look here for more information and a demo video of LTSP running. LTSP 4.2 is available in 32-bit edition only. The MySQL package split pre-installs databases to mysql-data, so if your are upgrading, backup you MySQL databases and restore it after, or install MySQL package with ‘installpkg’ and ignore mysql-data package. Doing a ‘mysql_upgrade’ is recommended. ProFTPd now starts at boot. And don’t forget to secure and optimize your server after installation, a guide is available here.

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