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Rilis StressLinux 0.7.105

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Carsten Schöne mengumumkan rilis StressLinux 0.7.105, distribusi berbasis openSUSE yang ditujukan untuk pengguna yang mau melakukan testing terhadap sistem mereka dengan load tinggi dan memonitor kondisi sistem tersebut:

StressLinuxA new StressLinux release (0.7.105) is ready for download. The base system is now openSUSE 11.4 with updated network card drivers for r8101, r8168 and r8169. StressLinux specific packages are updated as well, including BusyBox, iperf, lm_sensors, lshw, Memtest86, Memtest86+, mprime, smartmontools (svn r3314), x86info and y-cruncher. There is one known issue, Memtest86+ is not working from within the ISO images. This seems to be an issue between the new package and the SUSE Studio build system and will be fixed in a later release…

Anda dapat mengunjungi home page proyek untuk membaca pengumuman rilis singkat.


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