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Rilis SliTaz GNU/Linux Cooking 20100221

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Christophe Lincoln mengumumkan rilis pengembangan SliTaz GNU/Linux, the last testing version before the final 3.0 release expected at the end of March:

SliTaz GNU/LinuxThe SliTaz contributors are proud to announce a new Cooking version of the live CD. This is the last Cooking RC before 3.0 release. The core ISO image is at 27 MB and comes with many changes and improvements. This Cooking uses X.Org as X server instead of Xvesa and provides full UTF-8 support. Within a clean desktop environment, it also provides many applications for daily usage and common tasks. Netsurf replaces Firefox as a default web browser. Nevertheless, a Firefox flavor at 29 MB with sound and WiFi support can also be downloaded from official mirrors. On the updates and improvements side: tazpkg is faster; boot-scripts are updated and home-made toolboxes are improved.

Anda dapat mengunjungi home page proyek untuk membaca pengumuman rilis secara keseluruhan.


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