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Rilis Skolelinux 6.0 Alpha 0

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Petter Reinholdtsen mengumumkan rilis tes Skolelinux 6.0, distribusi Linux berbasis Debian untuk edukasi yang juga dikenal dengan nama Debian-Edu:

SkolelinuxThis is the first test release based on Squeeze. The focus of this release is to test the user application selection. To have a look, install the standalone profile and let the developers know if the set of installed packages (i.e., applications) should be modified. If some user application is missing, or if there are some applications that no longer make sense to be included in Debian Edu, please let us know. Also, if a useful application is missing the translation for your language of choice, please let us know too. In addition, feedback and help to polish the desktop (menus, artwork, starters, etc.) are appreciated. We would like to ship a nice and handy KDE4 desktop targeted for schools out of the box.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail tambahan mengenai rilis ini.

Unduh Image DVD instalasi multi arsitektur (i386 dan amd64) dari:

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