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Rilis Skolelinux 6.0.0 Alpha 1

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Petter Reinholdtsen mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis alfa pertama Skolelinux Linux 6.0.0, distribusi yang didesain untuk sekolah dan berbasis Debian “Squeeze”:

SkolelinuxThis is the second test release based on Squeeze. The focus of this release is the thin clients and the diskless workstation setup. Changes compared to alpha 0 and ‘Lenny’ versions: everything from Debian ‘Squeeze’; new version of Debian Installer; added code in the installer to select suggested profile combinations by default based on the detected environment; PXE boot setup now works when installing from the DVD; new tool notify-local-users to send desktop notification to all logged-in users on a machine; disable the idle job and user killer for roaming workstation profiles; remove all hard -oded settings on workstations.

Anda dapat membaca detail mengenai rilis ini pada pengumuman rilis.

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